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Previous Events:

Short Video From 05/20/06 Event (Bring It Like Bea Arthur):

At our last event, we had a slim turnout (6 participants), but we made up for it with short, fast-moving challenges and a light atmosphere. This was filmed with a Tony Hawk Helmetcam. In this scenario, one team must conquer the other by eliminating all opposition and/or stoping a timer. The team with the best time wins. [ Right-click to download video. ]

Another video. This re-enactment uses rockets, real armored personel carriers, and lots of tactical gear. A little overboard, but worth a watch.

F.A.Q. (Updated 2006/02/22)

Q: When is the next outing?
A: Within the next 4 weeks. We're waiting for the weather to warm up a bit. We're averaging an outing every 4-5 weeks. Upcoming and previous events are listed at the top of this page.
Q: Where is it?
A: Dan Davidson hosts most of the outings on the land surrounding his home in Genoa Twp.
Q: Does it hurt?
A: A little, honestly... But mostly at close range. The BBs weigh about .2 grams. If you are hit on bare skin at close range, you will likely have a little red mark. That's it. It's similar to being hit with a rubberband.
Q: What do I need to start?
A: A gun, some BBs, and eye protection. Information on sources for this equipment is at the bottom of this document. Most of us have bought spare batteries (for electric guns), and spare magazines (clips) to hold more BBs. Weather-appropriate clothing is recommended. Some of us are strong believers in concealment (camoflage, dark colors, etc.).
Q: Cripes! How much does all of this TECH cost?!
A: Actually not much. The average setup is a fraction of the cost of a comparable paintball configuration. A good starter (electric) rifle is around $100, but you can get a starter kit from most sporting goods stores. Goggles (or a face mask) will be between $10 and $50 depending on their features (of course, full masks are more expensive than safety goggles). BBs are very inexpensive, averaging about $7 for 2,000 rounds.
Q: Where do I get the gear?
A: Locally, try Dick's Sporting Goods or most Army Surplus or large hobby shops. In the state if Michigan, you must be 18 years old to purchase an airsoft guns. We've found to be one of the best online retailers. Orders are delivered within 5 days (if you order by noon, EST). Other online retailers might have restrictions on shipping to Michigan (age verification, etc.). Check before ordering.
Q: Any recommendations on what I should get?
A: Most first timers want to start on the cheap. This starter kit from Crossman is tempting:

"Starter Kit" from Dick's sporting goods (Haggerty and 8 Mile). Includes a CO2 Pistol and Electric Automatic Rifle. These kits are identical, except the clear one is $10 less:

However, the automatics from these kits have all become "loaners" as their performance pales by comparison to offerings from Many players are very happy with these electric automatics made by Well:

As a player that's been on the receiving end of these rifles, I can attest to their bang-for-the-buck. They are accurate, reliable, fast, and inexpensive... about the same price as the starter kit from Dick's. Getting a spare 9.6v battery increases their firing speed (from the stock 8.4v). Increasing the speed wears out the gun sooner than stock... Since you're essentially over-clocking the hardware. You'll still get a million rounds fired... You just fire them sooner. Spare magazines are also available. Most of the hardware is upgradable and user-serviceable. Almost everyone that has this rifle broke the removable (and luckily, replaceable) stock (butt of the rifle) the first time out. Tactical stock replacements are sold by most online retailers.

I prefer the accuracy of the AK-47 by UTG. It does not have the same velocity as the M4 (Above), but is very accurate and has a solid construction. Just another option for based on experience:

A low-cost/high-power option is the Well G3 AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). It offers stunning 410 fps power in a compact and lightweight package. The downside? Apparently durability. Brad ordered one, opened it to install the battery, and a bunch of broken plastic fell out. He has returned it and is waiting for the replacement... but they're backordered. I'll update this bit when I hear more. It's a bargain at only $60... if it stays in one piece.

Q: Where can I get more info?
A: A couple of guys host a podcast all about airsoft. They’re a bit bitter about it becoming more popular (not just their private club any more), but there’s lots of good info to be had:

There are some great general info sites out there too:

More links are at the bottom of this page.


Airsoft is mostly a bunch of people running around, shooting each other with relatively low velocity plastic BBs. These are proposed guidelines outlining the basic game styles and standards used during matches.

Match Types

Last Man Standing

  • At least 2 teams compete against each other.
  • There is no re-spawning.
  • The last participant standing (and their team) wins.
  • Optionally, both teams can be challenged to converge on the same goal.


  • One team defends a clearly marked position.
  • One (or more) team(s) advance on marked position and attempt to occupy it.
  • The winner is established by occupying the marked position at the end of the alloted time or by eliminating all other opponents.
  • The match does not end when the advancing team occupies the marked position. It will continue for the entire alloted time.
  • It is possible for a team to loose occupation of the marked area and later regain occupation.
  • A common safe are located outside of the marked position is used for both team's to re-spawn, if the current match allows it.

Capture The Flag

  • At least 2 teams defend a stationary target (a.k.a. "flag") while trying to locate, obtain, and return their opponent's flag to their home "flag's" location
  • The location of your home flag is your "safe area."
  • If the match allows re-spawning, you must return to your safe area to do so.


  • Participants work independantly to eliminate opponents.
  • Scoring is per elimination.
  • If the match allows re-spawning, you must return to a common safe area to do so.
  • The first participant to a pre-determined number of eliminations wins.

Free For All

  • Run around and shoot everything.
  • Every man for themselves.


Re-spawning is the process that allows a participant that has been hit to re-enter the match. If a match allows re-spawning, the participant will fall to the ground to indicate that they have been hit. If the re-spawning type is "medic", the participant must be "tagged" by the team's medic before they can get up and return to the safe area (re-spawning point). Otherwise, they may get up and travel to the re-spawning point immediately. During the return to the re-spawning point, the participant should keep their hands up whenever possible to avoid being targeted again. The participant may walk or run to the re-spawning point.

If a match does not allow re-spawning, participants will either stay immobile on the ground, or return to a common "safe area".


Optionally a match may allow 1 medic per team. The medic is allowed to participate as normal, but they have the ability to tag-in another participant on their team that has been hit. The medic will approach and tag the downed participant, "reviving" them. Once the medic is out, there are no more revivals.


If an opponent is encountered at close range, they may be tagged out instead of fired upon. This is optional. To avoid confusion, say "you're out" when you tag an opponent. Once tagged, the participant would act as though they were hit. No more shots may be fired until they are revived, re-spawned, or the next match begins.

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