Name: Kacey
Birthday: 27-Nov-1999
Breed: German Shepherd Dog (GSD) / Australian Shepherd Mix
Personality: Incredibly friendly. Very smart. Mischevious. Hyper (of course... she's just a puppy!)
Likes: Watching Animal Planet, playing tug-of-war, making people do her bidding through ESP and puppy eyes.
Dislikes: Mean kitties, wannabe gangstas that get too close to her turf, and obnoxious neighborhood dogs.


Name: Cowboy
Birthday: Sometime in 2000
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Personality: Likes attention... for a while. When he's bored he get's persnickety.
Likes: Teasing Kacey, sleeping in the sunlight, sleeping on the bed, sleeping on the floor, eating, sleeping on the sofa...
Dislikes: People touching his tail.


Name: Sebastian (a.k.a. "Bash")
Birthday: 19-May-2004
Breed: Flame Point Siamese
Personality: Boing! Loves to bounce around the house. If he gets lost or lonely, he sits down and calls out loud.
Likes: Feet! Chasing anything. Lounging in the sun. Potato chips. Anything in a glass (soda, booze, jello...)
Dislikes: Being ignored.